One Foot Down the Rabbit Hole...Spiraling through cyberspace
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  • jegibbs:

    am I destined for anything more than mediocrity?
    a low income employee of a state from which I want to move.
    uttering not one complaint in the soft boredom of work week.
    not given rise nor muster one ounce of courage to break free.
    curling up nightly into the lap of boob tube malaise.

    jegibbs heeeey get out of my head man! :)
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  • jegibbs:

    there’s too many synthesizers to ride on the bus.
    the fat white lard congeals into a man of forty.
    he toys with his genocide while mocking a woman’s uterus.
    his sweat stinks like decades of bodies rotting in the woods.
    a synthesizer next to me asks if his pants are too tight.
    I can tell right…

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  • jegibbs:

    I need to call my mom soon
    but the television is no crystal ball.

    the toaster is on
    but no one has any bread.

    run the blooper reel
    my life is in the subtitles.

    I can hear applause
    in the walls of my
    inner turmoil.

    I need to sleep
    but my coffin still ain’t hip.

    this city…

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  • Rose Colored Glasses


    shattered my rose colored glasses
    while drunk at a party where I knew no one
    the corner is a safe place if you don’t mind judging eyes
    my own eyes perused a limp bookshelf
    proof that I had nothing in common with the hosts
    whose social butterflies flown freely amongst the guests
    casting a pity smile my way
    making me wish I was back at home
    where my rose colored glasses are bullet proof.

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  • Languages Are Going Extinct Even Faster Than Species Are

    The world’s roughly 7000 known languages are disappearing faster than species, with a different tongue dying approximately every 2 weeks. Now, by borrowing methods used in ecology to track endangered species, researchers have identified the primar…

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  • neil-gaiman:

    I just sent this to a friend who wanted to know what The Moth was all about. And I thought perhaps I should put it up for you too.

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